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March  2018 Tour reports

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From 28th February to 14th March - we ran a new Central India Tour - primarily targeting the apex mammals. The tour was a real success with many Tiger sightings, real close views of Leopard, plus Sloth Bear. We did quite well for birds with 218 species recorded, some real highlights with stunning views of breeding plumage Shama and flycatchers
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From March 23rd until May 1st I headed down to Ushuaia in South America and realised a longtime personal ambition to travel to and around the most remote islands in the Southern Atlantic. A trip known as the Atlantic Oddysey, visiting South Georgia, Gough & Innaccessible Island, Tristan de Cunha, Ascension Island, St. Helena and finishing in Cape Verde.
It was a truly incredible experience, seeing hundreds of thousands of Penguins, nine species of albatross and millions of seabirds, petrels, strorm-petrels,  prions, skuas, shearwaters, frigatebirds & Terns. Added to this was the amazing experiences of seeing many cetaceans including Blue and Sperm Whale, the first right beneath us, the second breaching. We also saw several Whale-sharks and we also got to see Green Turtles egg laying. I hope to share the pictures and the full adventure when I get the time to look through all of the pictures - several thousands!!