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  Forthcoming Tours
  Norfolk  2015 Tours
  Sept 30th - Oct 2nd - Fully booked
  October 8-12th - Fully booked
  Oct 15-17th Rare birds tour - Fully booked
  Nov 4-6th Wildfowl, seabird & migration - Full

  Guided days available outside these dates

  India 2015 Tours
  December 5th-19th - Fully booked

  Norfolk  2016 Winter Tours
  January 20th-25th 3 or 5 day winter tour
  February 19 - 21st 3 day winter tour

  Norfolk 2016 Spring Tours
  March 18-20th Goshawk, Woodlark & Brecks
  April 15-17th Early Spring tour
  May 16-18th Spring tour incl Nightjar & Owls
  May 20 - 22nd Spring tour incl Nightjar & Owls

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""A very big thank you for four wonderful days and seeing several new species. The Nightjar display was incredible. Thank you again, until the next time". Nicola Woosnam - July 2015.

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Outer Hebrides June Tour report now online

Extremadura Spring Tour report now online

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